Frequently Asked Questions


  • How do I see an available apartment?

    Please contact us either through this website, by phone , or email and we will make an appointment for you.

  • Do you rent apartments sight unseen?

    Yes, you do have the option to rent the apartment sight unseen. 

  • Do you offer short-term leases?

    Occasionally we do have short-term leases available. Please contact the Leasing Office at the community you are interested in to check if we currently have any available.

  • Do you offer furnished apartments?

    We do not offer furnished apartments, but we can refer you to a company that ​will furnish your apartment for you. CORT can provide you with furniture to rent. Please call them at 303-344-5114. 

  • Are your properties pet friendly?

    Many of our communities do allow ​dogs and/or cats. Please refer to our apartment community page here to determine if the apartment that you are interested in is pet friendly.

  • What utilities are included with rent?

    It varies by community. Please ​review the community ​details of the apartment that you are interested in. Any utilities that are included in rent will be listed as "Free".

  • A friend referred me, what do I do?

    If a current resident referred you to us, you must indicate this information on your application in order for the person who referred you to receive our resident referral bonus, which varies by location. Where asked: "How did you hear about us?” please fill in “Resident Referral" and include their name and apartment number. This only applies to new leases.

  • How do I qualify to rent with Hudson Grove Property Management?

    For our conventional communities, please click here.  For our affordable communities, please contact the Leasing Office. 

  • How do I apply for the apartment I'm interested in?

    Once you submit  your application, application fees, and deposit, we will notify you when you are approved. If you are not approved, your deposit will be refunded immediately. Once you are approved, you will sign the lease, pay a pro-rated rent (if you move-in any day other than the 1st of the month) and get your keys and a move-in packet.

  • Can I apply for multiple apartments?

    No. When you submit an application you are required to pay ​a ​deposit to reserve the specific apartment you would like to lease. You are then committed to that apartment, ​providing your application is approved.

  • How much is the deposit?

    The ​deposit varies, please refer to our list of available apartments here. Please note this will need to be given in certified funds only, made out to the community you are applying to live at.

  • I am married. Will my Spouse and I both need to pay an application fee?

    Yes, all occupants over the age of 18 must complete an application and pay an application fee.

  • How much is the application fee?

    There is a $45.00 application fee per applicant. This must be paid by certified funds only, made out to the community you are applying to live at.

  • How do I cancel my application?

    If you ​want to cancel your application, please contact the Leasing Office. The application fee is non-refundable.

  • How will my deposit be refunded?

    If you cancel prior to approval, we will return the certified funds directly back to you. You are given 72 hours after approval to cancel your reservation for that apartment. After 72 hours of notification of approval, the deposit is non-refundable.

  • How do I sign my lease and when can I pick up my keys?

    This process will be handled by the Leasing Office at the community you choose to reside at. Keys will be given on the day the lease is effective.

  • What do I need to complete prior to moving into my apartment?

    You will need to sign your lease, and set up utilities (if applicable). You will also be required to pay any applicable deposits and pro-rated rent for your first month.

  • What are the schools and/or school systems for this community?

    A list of the public schools is available on the property page of each community website.

  • When is rent considered late and what are the late fees?

    If you are on a Hudson Grove lease, rent is considered late after 11:59 pm on the 5th of the month. The late fee is $75. If we recently took over management of your community and you are not yet on a Hudson Grove lease, please refer to your current lease for details. If you are a resident at one of our affordable communities please refer to your lease.

  • How do I pay my rent?

    You can pay your rent online with a checking account or credit card thru the property website, or with a physical check (personal check, cashier's check or money order) by mailing or dropping it off at the Leasing Office at the community you reside at.

  • Where is the rent drop box?

    All Leasing Offices have their own rent drop box.

  • Can I pay with cash?

    We do not accept cash payments. Acceptable forms of payment are check, money order, or online ACH payment (bank account).

  • What are certified funds?

    Certified funds are Money Orders or Cashier's Checks.

  • How long does it take for my rent to be withdrawn from my bank account?

    It normally takes 2-3 business days after your payment is submitted for you to see the money withdrawn from your account. If you have automatic payments setup, the date that you selected for the payment to pull is the day that the payment process begins, not the day it is withdrawn from your bank account.

  • What happens if I double paid my rent?

    If you notice a duplicate payment on the same day that it is made, please contact the office immediately; we may be able to prevent the payment from being processed.

    If you do not notice the additional payment on the same day, you can contact your bank to issue a stop payment, or we can credit your account or issue you a paper check once the payment clears our banking system (typically 5-7 business days after payment is made).

  • How do I submit a maintenance request?

    You may submit a service request through this website, by phone, email, or simply dropping by the office. We also offer 24-hour emergency service for emergency maintenance requests. Please call the Leasing Office phone number and choose option 3 to leave a message that will be immediately relayed to the on call maintenance person.

  • What is considered a maintenance emergency?

    No heat; a water line break or frozen water line; a clogged toilet if it is the only one you have; a security threat such as a broken window, front door frame or door lock; a gas leak or any other threat that poses a problem to a person or property. All other problems are considered a general maintenance service request.

  • What if I am locked out of my apartment?

    If you are locked out of your apartment during regular business hours, please stop by the office to check out an additional key. There may be a fee applied if you need a new key made. You will need to contact a locksmith after business hours as we do not offer this service when the office is closed.

  • What do I do if my garbage disposal stops working?

    There is a red reset button under the disposal. Please try resetting the disposal. If this does not fix the problem, submit a work order online or call the Leasing Office.

  • What do I do if I smell a gas leak?

    Open the windows and leave the apartment immediately. Do not turn off any lights. Once you have left your apartment, call Xcel Energy at 1-800-895-2999 then call the Leasing Office that you reside at. 

  • When do I receive a renewal offer?

    If you are eligible for renewal, you will receive your renewal options 60-75 days before the end of your current lease.

  • Can I add someone to my lease?

    Yes, please contact your Community Manager. A new ​roommate must fill out an application, ​pass screening, and be added to your lease.

  • How long are guests allowed to stay?

    Guests are allowed to stay for up to 14 days. After 14 days they will need to apply to be a resident, be approved and then added to the Lease Agreement.

  • How do I break my lease?

    Should you need to terminate your lease before the lease end date, the first step is to notify the leasing office of your plans to end your lease early. They will walk you through the appropriate steps and applicable costs related to early termination.

  • Does Hudson Grove Property Management allow subletting?

    We do not allow subletting. You may not sublease your apartment.

  • Can I list my apartment on Airbnb?

    No, if you list your apartment on Airbnb or any similar website you are in violation of your lease.

  • Can I transfer to another apartment in my building?

    You may be able to transfer to another apartment in your current building with your Community Manager's approval. It depends on several factors that the manager will take into consideration. If you are approved to transfer, you may be subject to a transfer fee.

  • Can I remove a roommate from my lease?

    Yes, please contact your ​Community Manager so they can create an addendum to your lease, if you qualify on your own.

  • How many days notice do I need to give?

    We require a 60 day written notice to vacate. If you choose not to renew your lease, you must provide a written notice to vacate at least 60 days prior to the end of your lease, or your lease will continue on a month to month basis. Your written notice can be submitted in letter or email form.

  • What is the move-out process?

    You are required to provide 60 days written notice if you plan to vacate your apartment at the end of your lease. If your lease is ending and you do not provide notice, your lease will continue on a month to month basis and you will be charged a month to month fee.

    You can provide your written notice via email, or you can drop a handwritten notice by the Leasing Office.

  • When do I get my security deposit back?

    We want to return your security deposit as ​quickly as possible. However, it can take up to 60 days from the date that you move out for your deposit to be processed. Please be sure to provide a forwarding address when you move out.

  • Do I need to patch nail holes in my wall?

    No. Please do not patch any nail holes. We will take care of that. There may be charges associated with you attempting to patch your own holes. Feel free to contact the Leasing Office with any questions.

  • Will I be charged for hanging items on my walls?

    It depends. If you have an excessive amount of nail holes in your walls, you will be charged for the labor required to fill and paint those areas. Holes from television mounts, or other large items will result in a fee for repairs. If you have any questions, please contact the Leasing Office.

  • How do I schedule a walk-through?

    Please contact the Leasing Office a few days in advance of your move out date to schedule a walk-through of the unit you are vacating. We will be coming to your apartment prior to you moving out for a pre-move out maintenance inspection. This maintenance inspection is not a deposit disposition walk.

  • How do I turn in my keys?

    Please return your keys to the Leasing Office so that we know you have vacated your unit. You will be charged if they are not returned on your move out date. Please do not return your keys late.

  • How do I have my mail forwarded after I move?

    Please fill out and submit a mail forwarding request to the post office prior to moving. We ​can not forward your mail. We cannot legally access your mailbox after you move out.

  • Are pets allowed in my apartment?

    It depends. Many of our communities allow pets. Please contact the Leasing Office where you reside to check if it allows pets, what the breed and weight restrictions are, and the associated fees for having a pet.

  • Do you permit exotic pets?

    We do not allow exotic pets (ferrets, snakes, lizards, etc).

  • Can visitors bring their pets in my apartment?

    If your community is pet friendly, you will need to contact the Leasing Office and see if they will allow other pets to visit. It depends on the length of the visit and the breed of the pet.

  • What are your rules regarding pet waste cleanup?

    If you live in a pet friendly community, we require our residents to be responsible pet owners. This means ​residents are required to pick up ​their pet’s waste and dispose of it in an exterior dumpster. Failure to follow these rules is a violation of ​​the lease agreement.

  • Is Hudson Grove Property Management hiring?

    Available job opportunities are listed here. You can also email your resume to

  • Can you tell me if a particular position has been filled?

    Opportunities that appear on the web site are open and active. If you do not see your desired position, it has been filled or is no longer available.

  • Do you offer pest control?

    Yes, we offer pest control at all our communities. If you have a pest problem you may contact the Leasing Office during normal business hours. Alternatively, leave a message for the office with an explanation of the problem to us.

  • Do you offer package acceptance?

    We do! We will accept your packages at the Leasing Office if you are unavailable at the time of delivery. You may pick up your packages at the office during office hours.

  • Can I install a satellite dish at my apartment?

    Satellite dishes must be installed and removed by a professional installer or communication company and in a location approved by management prior to installation.

  • Do I need to let my manager know when I have cable or internet installed?

    If you are having Century link or Comcast install a service, we require 24 hours notice. They may need access to ​a locked room.

  • I referred a friend to Hudson Grove; how do I get my referral credit?

    If you are a current resident and referred a friend to us, please make sure that they let us know prior to moving in. This only applies to new leases. They can indicate that you referred them on their application. You will receive our resident referral bonus after they have moved in.

  • What do I do if I have a noise complaint?

    Please contact the Leasing Office at the community you reside in during business hours. If the issue occurs after normal business hours, please call the local non-emergency police line.

  • What do I do if I have an issue with my mail?

    You must contact the post office that services your address with any issues pertaining to sending or receiving your mail. ​

  • Who edits the name on my mailbox?

    The postal service is responsible for updating the names on your mailbox. When you move in there should be a blank card in your mailbox for you to fill in your information for the postal service.

  • What do I do if I receive a previous resident's mail?

    Please mark the mail as "Return to Sender" and drop it in the outgoing mailbox.